Bandit Signs: The New Blockbusting

“I wish they wouldn’t post those here, they make our neighborhood look trashy.” I hear this a lot about bandit signs — those “WE BUY HOUSES” signs that pop up like toadstools after a storm. And yes, they do make a neighborhood look trashy. But even worse — they’re the new tool for blockbusting. For Read more about Bandit Signs: The New Blockbusting[…]

New Information for “Residential Relief Foundation” Scam Victims

Read more on the Residential Relief Foundation and its mortgage scams here and here. The FTC has announced that it will be distributing over $1 million to homeowners who were scammed by the Residential Relief Foundation’s mortgage relief scams. ¬†Unfortunately, due to the large number of people who were swindled, each victim will receive a Read more about New Information for “Residential Relief Foundation” Scam Victims[…]

Link Roundup

Looks like Maryland isn’t the only state with a bid-rigging problem. Leader of “Metro Dream Homes” mortgage fraud scheme sentenced to 10 years in the clink.¬† That doesn’t sound very dreamy. Another mortgage scam artist gets 30 years in prison after causing the collapse of a Florida bank. New Jersey real estate scam artist Solomon Read more about Link Roundup[…]