Solution: Close the Tax Sale Loophole

With all of the recent discussion around collapsing vacants, negligent property owners, and the city’s tax sale system, there has been a lot of hand-wringing (and rightfully so, as someone was killed the other day when a vacant collapsed on a man while he was sitting in his car) and mutterings about tax sale foreclosures Read more about Solution: Close the Tax Sale Loophole[…]

These Things I Know

The past few days have been tough for Baltimore. Fires, looting, injuries, arrests — nobody wants to watch their city fall apart in a matter of days. However, with that said, these incidents were bound to happen — there was a perfect storm of legitimate protest and outliers who saw this as the time to Read more about These Things I Know[…]

Water, Water, Everywhere

Baltimore City is getting ready to shut off the water of 25,000 people across the city, if the water bill is two months overdue. According to one article, at least one third of those who will lose water are 369 businesses that account for $15,000,000 of lost revenue, and the rest are homeowners and tenants. Read more about Water, Water, Everywhere[…]

When Properties Go Into Foreclosure, Who Pays?

Using Q3 2014 foreclosure data reported by the state DHCD, Maryland has held steady as the number-two state for foreclosure filings in 2014, just behind Florida. In fact, foreclosure filings in Maryland have increased since Q2 2014. To put this into context, foreclosure activity has declined nationwide by 15.9% since 2013, yet in Maryland, it Read more about When Properties Go Into Foreclosure, Who Pays?[…]


3713 Liberty Heights Avenue Originally added to the blog in June of 2011, Baltimore City has filed for receivership in order to take possession of the home from its current owner, political consultant Julius Henson. 2726 Fox Street Added to the blog in July of 2011, the City has also filed for receivership of this Read more about Updates[…]

City-Owned Historic Blight

Property Address:  811 W Lanvale Street, Baltimore, MD 21217 Property Owner:  Mayor and City Council, 417 E Fayette Street, Baltimore, MD 21202 City Council District and Contact:  District 9, “Pistol” Pete Welch It’s always a shame to walk around neighborhoods in Baltimore and see all of the blighted vacant homes. It’s even more disturbing when Read more about City-Owned Historic Blight[…]

Nonprofit Plans to Renovate Hundreds of Baltimore Homes

According to a Baltimore Sun article, Builders of Hope, a North Carolina-based nonprofit chosen by Ray Lewis, will be renovating hundreds of homes in Baltimore City — near Johns Hopkins University in East Baltimore. Unfortunately, like most “good news” in Baltimore, this also comes with a tinge of scandal — Builders of Hope is also Read more about Nonprofit Plans to Renovate Hundreds of Baltimore Homes[…]

13 Year Old Girl Raped in a Vacant

ABC 2 News is reporting that a 13 year old girl was dragged off the street and raped in a vacant home in the 800 block of N. Caroline Street.  None of the homes in that block are listed as Owner-Occupied in state tax rolls, and of those homes — 14 are owned by the Read more about 13 Year Old Girl Raped in a Vacant[…]

A Sea of Blight: Biddle & Barclay Streets, East Baltimore

Update (11/9/2012):  According to this press release from the Mayor’s office, the 1100 block of Barclay Street has been demolished. There were too many houses to photograph individually, so we’ve provided you with a couple of views.  Most of the homes we saw today were abandoned — at least 90-95% of them. This part of Read more about A Sea of Blight: Biddle & Barclay Streets, East Baltimore[…]