Baltimore City Public Housing Segregation

Right now, researchers have tools to determine where affordable and subsidized housing is being built and preserved — and also where poverty is being concentrated. With the gutting of HUD’s funding for data and tracking tools, it could allow the continuation of housing segregation, or worse, push it back to pre-Fair Housing Act days where Read more about Baltimore City Public Housing Segregation[…]

On Maps and Data

Data and statistics can be useful when trying to figure out just how bad, good, or neutral a problem is — or where the problems are located, circumstances and conditions…  It’s one thing to discuss an issue (like crime or blight) — another thing entirely to see it as a visual. I created this map Read more about On Maps and Data[…]

Reading PA’s “Wall of Shame”

Bravo to Reading, Pennsylvania’s mayor Tom McMahon for his slumlord Wall of Shame!  Pictures of blighted homes, with owner info and status updates.  (Note to Mayor McMahon, you might want to upgrade your Photobucket account now or switch to Flickr for your photo hosting.) The best of luck to the good citizens of Reading, and Read more about Reading PA’s “Wall of Shame”[…]