Photo of Poe Homes, West Baltimore

Dispelling Myths About Public Housing

People love to hate public housing — housing that’s owned or subsidized by the government, whether HUD or a Public Housing Authority (PHA) such as the Housing Authority of Baltimore City. Detractors will point to public housing as the cause of all things terrible in a community, blaming the residents, making all sorts of assumptions Read more about Dispelling Myths About Public Housing[…]

Dear Mayor Pugh,

Congratulations on winning the election. You’re now Baltimore City’s mayor instead of my State Senator, so hopefully being here instead of Annapolis, you’ll be more committed to Baltimore’s neighborhoods. Here are a few suggestions, with regard to housing in Baltimore that you may want to consider: Break Baltimore Housing and the Housing Authority of Baltimore Read more about Dear Mayor Pugh,[…]

Send a Strong Message to the Mayor and City Council Today: Paul Graziano Must Go

Paul Graziano, head of Baltimore City’s Housing Authority has been the subject of scandals over the years, whether personally, or through the agency he runs: Drunken incidents in bars, involving homophobic slurs Refusal to pay lead paint settlements to families whose children were poisoned in HABC-owned homes Discrimination against people with disabilities (link opens a Read more about Send a Strong Message to the Mayor and City Council Today: Paul Graziano Must Go[…]

Link Roundup

Lots of good stuff in the news this week! In the Baltimore Sun, Luke Broadwater reports the Housing Authority of Baltimore City has disbanded and laid off its Housing Security Unit.  These were the folks responsible for “investigating illegal occupants, nuisance activity, unsecured vacants and vandalism”, according to the article. Developer Mark Manzo wanted to Read more about Link Roundup[…]

Last Link Roundup of 2012!

A recap of all the newsworthy links in 2012. January Early in 2012, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake was grilled by the MD Legislature about the status of the city’s lead paint judgements.  The city was refusing to pay, saying the judgement would bankrupt the city — a shame they didn’t think about that before allowing children Read more about Last Link Roundup of 2012![…]

Link Roundup

Did you know Maryland offers an income tax credit for low-income/elderly renters?  It follows the premise that renters pay property taxes as part of their rent, and therefore should be allowed an opportunity to recoup some of that money.  The deadline for filing each year is September 1. The past few years have seen an Read more about Link Roundup[…]

Link Roundup

Columbus mayor:  City will spend money to demolish unsafe vacant homes. In Chicago, a young girl was raped at gunpoint between two vacant homes in the West Englewood neighborhood.  Neighbors say the vacants are more than just a threat to property values, and they want action. Instead of paying lead paint lawsuit judgments, the city’s Read more about Link Roundup[…]

Support House Bill 472/Senate Bill 873

Bill Information:  House Bill 472/Senate Bill 873 would establish a Lead Poisoning Compensation Fund, which would require Maryland rental property owners to pay into the fund.  The fees could range from $50 to $500 per unit.  The Fund would be required to cover property owners for claims arising from lead paint lawsuits. Why This Is Read more about Support House Bill 472/Senate Bill 873[…]

Housing Authority Assets to be Seized

WBAL and the Daily Record are both reporting that certain assets belonging to the Baltimore Housing Authority are to be seized by the sherrif’s department in order to pay for lead paint judgements the City has refused to pay. The assets include vehicles and computers, which will be auctioned off.  Evan Goldman, the attorney who Read more about Housing Authority Assets to be Seized[…]

The Most Powerful Man in Baltimore Real Estate?

An interesting way to describe Paul Graziano, director of Baltimore’s Housing Authority. We received an email from the Baltimore Real Estate Investors Association, inviting us to a meeting where Paul Graziano will speak to the group (including slumlords and owners of blighted vacant homes) and address questions regarding Section 8 housing, vacant homes, and other Read more about The Most Powerful Man in Baltimore Real Estate?[…]

Link Roundup

The Tenants in Foreclosure project of the Public Justice Center won an award!  Congrats to attorney Matt Hill and his staff for this much-deserved award.  If you or someone you know is living in a rental that is being foreclosed on, you should contact the Public Justice Center — you have rights, make sure they’re Read more about Link Roundup[…]

Link Roundup

After losing an almost-$4 million grant because they didn’t bother to file in time, the City says it’s reworking its lead-paint removal program. A once-grand Brooklyn (NY) neighborhood is now a blighted mess and a battleground between the government and preservationists. More fighting over blighted homes — this time, in New Orleans. Metal thieves — Read more about Link Roundup[…]

Update on HABC Lead Judgement Debacle

According to this morning’s Baltimore Sun, three Maryland lawmakers have written Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake a sharply-worded letter regarding the City’s refusal to pay court-ordered lead paint judgements. We hope these same lawmakers will also call for the resignation of the head of the troubled city agency, Paul Graziano. You can read the full article here.

Are Corruption and Incompetence the Norm at HABC?

Andy Green at the Baltimore Sun has a great editorial in today’s Second Opinion, detailing the firing of corrupt HABC housing inspector Algie Epps, and the circumstances that led up to his firing: When he was hired in 2005 as a housing inspector, the city does not appear to have conducted a “criminal history investigation” Read more about Are Corruption and Incompetence the Norm at HABC?[…]

Housing Authority Refuses to Pay Lead Paint Judgements

You may have already read the devastating news in today’s Baltimore Sun, but just in case you missed it… The city’s Housing Authority (the agency responsible for Baltimore’s subsidized housing stock) has decided it’s not in its best interest to pay any of the plaintiffs who have won hundreds of millions of dollars in lead Read more about Housing Authority Refuses to Pay Lead Paint Judgements[…]

Phase One of $85 Million Barclay Redevelopment Begins

From the HABC press release: Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake attended the groundbreaking for the first phase of a major redevelopment initiative in Baltimore’s Barclay/ Old Goucher neighborhood.   The $85 million dollar redevelopment plan for the neighborhood was developed by community residents, neighborhood organizations, local developers, neighborhood social service providers, and city officials, in collaboration with urban/housing Read more about Phase One of $85 Million Barclay Redevelopment Begins[…]