Photo of Maryland State House, Annapolis

2017 Maryland Legislation to Watch

HB0172 – Home Act of 2017 Stating that the Act seeks to deconcentrate poverty by providing additional opportunities for tenants utilizing public subsidies to live in neighborhoods other than the neighborhoods in which those individuals are currently and disproportionately residing; expanding the housing policy of the State regarding the provision of fair housing to include Read more about 2017 Maryland Legislation to Watch[…]

Fair Housing in Baltimore County

In light of the settlement reached between Baltimore County and several organizations and individuals who sued the County, in order to ensure Fair Housing laws are met in that jurisdiction, I’ve read a lot of questions about what “fair housing” means. The first thing people need to understand is that Fair Housing has nothing to Read more about Fair Housing in Baltimore County[…]

Baltimore County Residents: Support County Bill 58-15

Sponsored By: Councilman David Marks, District 5 Bill Information: This bill would impose a penalty on property owners who have repeatedly allowed their tenants to hold unruly social gatherings on their premises, particularly those that involve underage drinking. Previously the law applied to homeowners, but would now include landlords and property management companies. You can Read more about Baltimore County Residents: Support County Bill 58-15[…]

The Other Side of the Affordable Housing Coin: Jobs and Wages

Housing affordability, particularly for median income workers, has become a much-talked about topic of late. Rising rents have forced a large segment of city residents to spend well over 30% of their net monthly income on shelter costs, which can lead to severe financial trauma later on. One of the reasons why city residents are Read more about The Other Side of the Affordable Housing Coin: Jobs and Wages[…]

Baltimore City Needs a Staffed DPW Emergency Number

The number of emails I’ve received lately about water emergencies has reached a critical mass — including a text this morning from a neighbor whose home was in danger of being flooded because of a burst pipe in the street. (Thankfully, the fire department was able to take care of that, but I hate to Read more about Baltimore City Needs a Staffed DPW Emergency Number[…]

Link Roundup

Bay National Bank shut by the Feds, rehabbers listed as source of financial woes: Mohler said in an earlier interview the bank ran into problems when the once hot real estate market in Canton and Federal Hill cooled and borrowers who had taken out loans to rehab houses in those neighborhoods had trouble repaying their Read more about Link Roundup[…]

Slumlords In The News

Quite a few slumlords have been in the news lately — Jack W. Stollof, Harvey Nusbaum, and now…Karla Porter. You may remember hearing about Karla Porter on the news — she stands accused of hiring five people to murder her husband at his Hess gas station in Baltimore County. Turns out, she’s also a slumlord.  Read more about Slumlords In The News[…]