September 22, 2014


map_screenIt’s important to be able to visualize the magnitude of Baltimore’s problem with vacant and blighted structures, and also to see how many homes end up on the city’s tax sale list every year. Seeing these things city-wide, it can be quite astounding when you realize the depth and scope of our city’s poverty. I can’t imagine trying to fix a problem without being able to see just how widespread it is.

Baltimore City Housing Segregation/HABC-Owned Property
Added February 17, 2017

Baltimore City Lead Paint Violation Notices 2006-2016
Updated January 17, 2017

Baltimore City Vacant Building Notices 1993-2016
Updated November 14, 2016

Properties Featured on the Baltimore Slumlord Watch Blog 2009-2016
Updated Updated January 17, 2017

2016 Baltimore City Tax Sale List
Updated May 2016

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