June 5, 2013


Housing Policy Watch is a non-partisan advocacy and community outreach/education project with fiscal sponsorship by a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Baltimore Neighborhoods Inc.


To promote strong neighborhoods across Baltimore, through continued community outreach and education efforts to enable residents to be strong advocates for themselves, and their neighborhoods.


We are committed to safe and healthy housing for all people, regardless of race, gender, family status, age, marital status, color, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, disability, political affiliation, or religion. We are also committed to the economic development of Maryland’s neighborhoods through the eradication of blighted, unsafe structures, the enforcement of building codes and housing laws. We are also committed to the revitalization and stabilization of neighborhoods throughout our city, through strategic and resident-driven economic growth efforts.

The Work

  • focusing on improving Baltimore’s blighted communities through reporting on vacant properties and assisting residents with targeted code enforcement efforts
  • working with City and State government agencies and nonprofits on fair housing issues,
  • working with residents and property owners on commercial revitalization efforts in low- to moderate-income neighborhoods
  • improving affordable housing options for middle-income residents, resulting in more stable neighborhoods and a larger City tax base
  • monitoring, reporting on and advocating for better housing policy in Baltimore City and the State of Maryland.

Our assistance is available to anyone, regardless of income level, race, religion, sex, family status, age, or sexual orientation.

You can also download a short PDF fact sheet about the organization and our 2015 priorities, here.