Support HB1143 / SB799 and Prevent Landlord Retaliation

Photo of Maryland State House, Annapolis
State House, Annapolis, MD

Bill Information: Sponsored by Delegates Frush, Braveboy, Bobo, Fraser-Hidalgo, Glenn, and Hucker, HB1143  and SB799 (sponsored by Senators Ramirez, Forehand, and Manno) would prevent a landlord from refusing to renew a tenant’s lease if the tenant complained about unsafe conditions in the home.

Why This Bill is Important:  Tenants have a right to live in a home that’s safe and healthy.  Currently, a landlord is allowed to refuse to renew a lease if the tenant complains about lead paint in the home — but the current law doesn’t specify prohibited actions if the tenant complains about other unsafe conditions.  This law brings more clarity and outlines the penalties for retaliatory actions on the part of the landlord.

What You Can Do:  Contact your legislators and ask them to support this important bill.



  1. Jane

    How is this retaliatory? A landlord should have the right to cancel a lease at its end for whatever reason just as a tenant should have the right to move when the lease is up. Every housing official knows that 90% of complaints come from people who are behind in their rent and instead of contacting the landlord are calling housing. Who knocked that sink off the wall? Who put holes in the wall? Who used the stove as a heater and caused the element to break? Who splashes water all over a floor in the shower and calls it a leak in the pipe? Who broke the outlet cover?

    • housingpolicywatch

      Go read the bill text again. There are many circumstances under which refusing to renew a lease isn’t retaliatory — but, refusing to renew a lease simply because a tenant complained about unsafe conditions is retaliatory.

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