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What we do:

We work with individual residents and community groups to address blight and other property-related issues, especially landlord/tenant issues, in order to create safer, more stable neighborhoods across Baltimore City.


Despite the occasional success story over the past 6 or 7 years, vacant property has remained a problem in Baltimore City for decades – most recently, this problem has been exacerbated by the large number of foreclosures, properties in pre-foreclosure, and properties that haven’t hit the court docket yet. The problem is unlikely to go away or fix itself in any sustainable way for quite some time.

Until we address the underlying issues/causes for so many of our abandoned homes, and substandard rental properties, we will fail to stem the tide of neglect. All the tax credits, TIFs, PILOTs, and other financial incentives aren’t going to lure responsible developers into an area that is rife with violent crime, drugs, and blocks of abandonment. Instead, negligent property owners move in (as has been the trend in Baltimore, Detroit, and Cleveland) and perform the most meager of repairs to homes – often without permits, and therefore no inspections – and then rent them to people who feel they have little to no recourse when something bad happens. As a result, the rate of asthma, lead paint poisoning, violent crime, fatal fires, and other health/safety issues are disproportionately higher in neighborhoods with a large number of vacant homes.

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